Tioho,Taupō: 8 - 14th January 2021

Nau mai, Haere mai 

 "Come, come whoever you are... and join our caravan of love and heart-centred community"!  

Mark the date and prepare to co-create a precious week of eating, dancing and singing sacred mantras together in the beauty of nature, 40 minutes from Taupo, in open-hearted connection. Plan now to join us in 2021!


You are invited to come and join the co-creation of heart family and to experience the joy of togetherness, connectedness and a deep sense of community and intimacy that the Dances so easefully and gracefully engender. Experience the richness of cultural diversity, as leaders and dancers gather from across Aotearoa and beyond. Our Camp has become known for its huge heart - many overseas visitors and Dance Leaders are deeply touched by love (aroha) and spirit (wairuatanga) of our community.

The main focus of our gathering is the Dances of Univeral Peace, as practiced in many countries around the world. You can also enjoy early morning Sufi practices, kirtan and a fun adult-staffed program for children. Other participant-led workshops or activities often occur, such as singing, drumming, free dancing, story telling, nurturing, yoga - or you can just take time out to be in bliss within heart-centred community.

Participant options include the Whole Week (encouraged and preferred), or a Per-Night fee for those who can only attend the weekend or some other portion of the gathering. For details go to: http://www.dancecampaotearoa.co.nz/feespayments​

To register please click on "Registration" and let us know you are coming!

For driving directions, go to:http://dancecampaotearoa.co.nz/content/getting-camp

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