What an opportunity to be the heart of Dance Camp!

Working at Dance Camp gives you an opportunity to be a valuable part of the team and to be part of the heart of Dance Camp. There is a wonderful reciprocity of giving and receiving. 

Wwoofers ("Willing Workers On Organic Farms") are an important part of the team for Dance Camp Aotearoa. Each year we offer around 14 wwoofing positions. Wwoofers work up to 3 hours a day during Camp, in return getting half off their camp fee. This allows a balance between working and being able to join into Dance Camp. Some of our wwoofers return year after year. Wwoofers who are attracted to be part of Camp are often a hard working group from Aotearoa and different countries and cultures. They usually create a close knit community working together and sharing Camp. The Wwoofing team has a meeting with the Co-ordinator each morning for sharing, support and dealing with any challenges which may have emerged.  

Our expectations of Wwoofers:

  • To arrive at Dance Camp between 2 – 5pm on Thursday, the day before Camp starts, unless you are helping to put up the marquee in which case you need to come Thursday morning (10am). Some volunteers will be asked to help prepare a simple meal for the Thursday evening meal. We will gather as team creating heart community together on Thursday evening.
  • Friday is Camp set-up day.  This is quite a big day when we all help get Camp ready by 5pm. Breakfast is at 8am followed a meeting at 9am of everyone present to allocate jobs for set-up day and the Wwoofing tasks.
  • For the rest of Camp, Wwoofers have specific duties each day. 
  • On the final day of Camp Wwoofers need to be available to help until the end of Camp clean-up, usually around  5pm.
  • Wwoofers are generally required to camp and to supply your own tent and bedding.


How to Apply

If you would like to be a Wwoofer in Dance Camp, contact Kim Penny at kim@dancecampaotearoa.co.nz