The Camp Core Group

Every year the spacious field in the Girl's Guiding Centre is turned into the amazing, magical place where each person can find what they are looking for: from a delicious chocolate cake with coffee, to a meaningful connection with a friend while chopping veggies.  This is only possible because of the Camp Core Group - people who voluntarily and enthusiastically took up the challenge of organising and coordinating the camp community, sharing their skills and gifts with others. 

The Camp Team and their roles

Teams                                                        Main Coordinator                                     Contact details

The Core Group                       Robyn, Nigel, Seph, Lauren and Charmaine

Dance Programme                                          Prem and Sally                                         

Registrations                                               Kim Penny                              

International Guests Coordinator      Charlotte Gluck-Wurm

Site managerment                                               Simon Marr 

Children & Youth Programme                   TBC for 2018       

Media & Promotion                                       Lauren McMahon        

Finance                                                 Charmaine Wilson

Kitchen & Food                                             Valamaya Harfield

Karma Yoga & Woofers                                  Joanne Brown         

Camp Coordination                                      Robyn and Nigel

Pastoral Care                                                   Seph Pijfers

Scholarship Coordinator                              Charmaine Wilson