Registration for Dance Camp 2021

  • Posted on: 9 November 2015
  • By: jirihanus
If you are coming from overseas tell us what country you are from.
Please select one accomodation option.
If you are coming for the full time of camp, select "Full Week". If you can only attend for the weekend, or for some other part of the week, select "Per-Night" and tell us which nights you will be staying at camp. NB: There is no Day-Only (staying off site) option at this stage.
Scholarships are available for full-week participants, and are applied for by requesting the scholarship application form from Shelley If you intend to apply for a scholarship please tick "Yes" above.
Please indicate which ticket category you are entitled to (Provide names and ages of everyone in your party in the comment section below).Children under 6 are free.
Add details about who is in your family / group / party co-registering with you including ages of children/youth under 18yrs. Note, just list on one line with commas between (if you push "return" / "enter" it will submit your form).
Let us know any particular contribution you would like to make to camp from the following (any further details you wish to give can go in the Comments Box near the end of this Registration Page):
Let us know any required (not just preferred) dietary needs (all meals are vegetarian and wholesome).
If you have other things you need our support with (airport pick up, camping gear, mobility) or other information you need us know let us know here: