Roles & Application

Kaiāwhina roles and functions

The number of Kaiāwhina positions on offer depends on how many people are registered to come to the Dance Camp.  We usually offer about 16 positions.  All positions ask for 3 -4 hours of your time per day and allow you to enjoy the Dance Camp Programme with 50% discount on your ticket.

Once in a role, you continue with that role throughout camp and/or you may be asked to help in another area.  For details about any role, contact Veronique.

If you would like to apply for a Kaiāwhina position contact Veronique:


                                                                                                                          Our beloved Marama, now gone into the light.       

Kaiāwhina Roles

  • Karma Yoga Vege Chop Co-ordinator  
  • Breakfast Cook
  • Breakfast Coordinator
  • Lunch Coordinator
  • Dinner Coordinator
  • Cook's Assistant - Lunch
  • Cook's Assistant - Dinner
  • Cook's dishes - Lunch  
  • Cook's dishes - Dinner 
  • Dissert Cook 
  • Toilet Crew Team Leader
  • Tea Station Co-Ordinator
  • Conch Blower
  • Fire Keeper (Ahe Ka)
  • Late night clean up
  • Children's Helper