Set Up & Take down

Set Up Crew

Dance Camp set-up takes two days, Thursday and Friday.   Kaiãwhina are expected to arrive on Thursday (the day before Camp) by 2pm. Some additional set up crew are asked to arrive earlier, to get the marquee up by the afternoon. In the evening, the whole Kaiãwhina team has a meal together and gathers for a sharing circle and an evening of dances.

The Set up crew and  Kaiãwhina team turn the a boys adventure school into a magical and beautiful place where people feel warmly welcomed. Children's Activity Area, Youth Area, Instrument Tent, Dancing Marque, Blissmillah Cafe...   all have to be put up. 

Please note  - only those actively giving their time to the set up crew are invited on site prior to Friday, 3pm. 


Take Down Day

The last day of Camp is a big clean-up day. Children and Youth tents, marquee, tea station, cafe... all are taken down. The hall, kitchen, dining area, toilets and showers are all cleaned. All the Dance Camp equipment is stored in our on-site container. 

Kaiãwhina are expected to stay and help with clean-up that usually finishes around 5pm