Youth Scholarships

Each year Dance Camp Aotearoa applies for extra funding to make the Dance Camp experience affordable for young adults.   Grants from DUPNZ and Oneness Foundation make this possible! 

If you are a young adult (19-30yrs) and wish to apply for scholarship please email us at   Note that the number of scholarships are limited and varies each year. Check out Wwoofing opportunities as the first option!  


Adult Scholarships

The generosity of the camp community during the Auction creates another opportunity to support those who would struggle financially to attend Dance Camp.   To apply, simply write an outline of your circumstances that make it difficult for you to cover the full cost of attending (a simple explanation of your financial difficulty) and email us at

Each application will be concidered individually. The number of scholarships is limited and varied depending on the amount of funding received each year. Note that getting a scholarship one year doesn't garantee the scholarship the next year.  


Application Deadlines

Early applications will be processed and decided by October 10th.  

Any applications received after that date will be considered up to November 30th.

We are unable to consider scholarship applications after November 30th.  Wwoofing positions may still be available, depending on demand.