Items Needed

A community of over 140 people takes a lot of resources and "stuff" to flow well.  The list below presents some of the items we need.

Perhaps you have something listed that you no longer need and could dontate to camp?  Or perhaps you would like to sponsor the purchase of an item through a dontation?  

Please get in touch with Nigel at with offers, suggestions or comments.

  • Marquee for Blissmillah café
  • Small freezer for Café
  • Cake Mixers, cooking trays, scales, etc (Blissmillah Cafe) 
  • Tarps and ropes
  • Whiteboard
  • Clothing racks and coat hangers (clothing stall)
  • Additional bedding and mattresses (foam swabs and air-beds/camping mattresses)
  • Tents for overseas visitors
  • Lights, extension cords, multi power plugs
  • Mattresses for snuggle pit
  • Large Tents for the Children's Programme and another for the Teens Base.


  • Shipping Container.  Currently we have hired the use of a container on a storage site in Napier.  Ultimately it would surve the future of camp to own a container.  Purchase and relocation could cost up to $4000.