Venue & Facilities


For more than 10 years Dance Camp Aotearoa has been held at the Omatua Guiding Centre, Hawke's Bay (  This site is situated in a peaceful and attractive spot on a bank of a safely flowing river. The sounds of the birds, soothing wind and  flowing water invites you to connect with nature and yourself, and invites peace and stillness into your heart. The venue offers shared units (bunk rooms with 6 - 8 beds per unit), camping ground (flat grassy meadow under large shade trees), kitchen and the dinning room with a cosy fireplace, a hall, hot showers (for men and women) and two toilet blocks. 

Hot showers & toilets: Due to the large number of people in the camp, there is a request to be very mindfull about how much hot water one uses when having a shower. Please, use as little hot water as possible so there will be enough for others during the day.  We also encourage people to observe the following camping addage: "if it's yellow let it mellow, if it's brown flush it down!"  This assists in water conservation. 

Compost and recycling facilities: We encourage everyone to be mindul about recycling. All the recycling bins are kept outside the kitchen area: a bin for plastic and glass, a bin for carton  and paper and a compost bin.