Venue & Facilities

Our History - Where we've been...

For more than 10 years Dance Camp Aotearoa has been held at the Omatua Guiding Centre, Hawke's Bay. This site has held us well in a peaceful and attractive spot on the banks of a safely flowing river. However, in recent years, it became increasingly confining to the development of camp, in particular, our offerings for teens and space for family camping.  

There have been many exhaustive searches for a new home for Dance Camp Aotearoa over the years, and the Core Group was excited to discover Mountain Valley Adventure Lodge (  The suitability of this venue was strongly contested and so further options are being considered.  Omatua suffered under the raveges of two record-high floods in as many months, so we are unable to return there at present.  In the meantime, TAUHARA CENTRE have generously opened their arms to hold us for 2019.


Our Present - where we're at (for  2019)  Tauhara Retreat and Conference Centre

Accomodation options are primarily camping (own equipment) or shared bunkrooms (containing 4-6 beds per room).

There are shared shower and toilet facilitities, some gender specific and one set "unisex".   

In addition, Tauhara offers a limited number of self-contained options, available for an additional fee.  If you are interested, please email Charmaine at for availability and pricing.

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The founding of the Tauhara Centre

In 1938, the Founders established a charitable trust in order to create a place for people to come together for community, learning, inspiration and personal growth, but it was not until the 1970s that the present site was developed, with the Centre buildings opening in 1977.  

It was founded to create a spiritual and educational centre which would draw together people of differing viewpoints and methods of working, but united in their search for truth and the establishment of goodwill and understanding in the world. Tauhara is a free association of people from throughout New Zealand and beyond, who come from all walks of life, all faiths, and who hold many diverse views.

Through coming together to share and learn, to give and receive, working physically, mentally and spiritually, they extend and add richness to the expression of Tauhara.

At the Tauhara Centre, we are welcoming and open to people from all different walks of life, all faiths, who hold many different views. By valuing openness and acceptance, we are creating a space for unity and community.

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Our Future - where we're going to...

The Core Group continues to consult widely in the process of finding a new long-term home for camp that will embrace us for the next 10+ years!  Let us know of any suggestions, recommendations, or assistance you can offer in this regard.