The Core Group

Every year a hard working team of volunteers create an amazing, magical place where each person can find what they are looking for: from a delicious chocolate cake with coffee, heart-filled community, to a meaningful connection with a friend while chopping veggies. This is only possible because of the Camp Core Group – people who voluntarily and enthusiastically take up the challenge of organising and coordinating the camp community, sharing their skills and gifts with others.
The current team are:

The Camp Team and their role

Team Coordinator Contact details
Core Group Majid, Robyn, Jo, Linde and Hadi
Dance Programme Prem and Amrita Bhakti
Registrations Linde Rose
Site management Majid/ Ray Edwards
Children & Youth Programme Willow Krivan, (children) Dakini and Karl (youth)
Website and Media Linde Rose
Finance Charmaine Wilson / Linde Rose
Kitchen & Food Jo Tavendale and Hadi Gurton
Kaiawhina, Karma Yoga & Woofers Shane Howell
Camp Coordination Robyn James
Pastoral Care Jamila Cranston-Buckley
Scholarship Coordinator Linde Rose