Set-up day is Friday.

This is a big day when kaiāwhina and other dedicated Set Up Crew help from 9am to get camp ready by 5pm. It starts with a meeting at 9am for everyone to allocate jobs for the day and establish the teams.

The Set Up Crew turn the venue into a magical and beautiful place where people feel warmly welcomed. The Children’s Activity Area, Youth Area, Instrument Tent, Dancing Marque, Blissmillah Cafe… all have to be put up.

Kaiāwhina are expected to arrive on Thursday (the day before Camp) by 2pm. Some kaiāwhina are asked to arrive in the morning to help put the marquee up by the afternoon. In the evening, the whole Kaiāwhina team have a meal together and gathers for a sharing circle and an evening of dances.

Due to catering and logistics, please note: Only those signed up for the set up process are invited on site prior to Friday, 3pm.

Pack Down

The last day of Camp is a big clean-up day after the final morning circle and lunch. Children and Youth tents, marquee, tea station, cafe… all are taken down and returned to our shipping container storage unit on site.

All the buildings and facilities need to be cleaned and the whole place ensured it is handed back to Tauhara as we found it. The kaiāwhina team are expected to stay and help with clean-up process which usually finishes around 5pm.