About DUP

First breath…First vibration…From meditation to meditation…

This is one way how Samuel Lewis, the father of the Dances of Universal Peace (DUP), also known by others as the mystic, Sufi master, Zen Teacher, Peace Activist, Horticulturist, Scientist, Madzub described these dances. Everything begins with the first vibration. Breath is vibration. When we are in alignment with our breath through meditation, the inner impulse within guides us into deeper states of consciousness… this is how the DUP began…

Dances of Universal Peace celebrate all different cultures, belief systems and religions – Hinduism, Buddhism, Zoroastrianism, Sikhism, Judaism, Christianity, Islam and the Aramaic, Native American, Native Middle Eastern, Celtic, Native African and Goddess traditions. A combination of simple sacred movements and chants/ mantras may take form of a joyful heart dances or can lead to the transformative spiritual experience. DUP reaches beyond separation and division that became a casual reality of nowadays life. It takes each of us into a journey to remember who we are and why we have come to Earth.

For more than 50 years many people’s hearts have been tempted to reunite with the spiritual essence within themselves and today there are many circles and dance camps all over the globe – Europe, US, Canada, South America and Australia. Everyone is welcome, no musical or dance experience of any kind is required.

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Dances of universal Peace International or DUP Aotearoa New Zealand (DUPANZ)