Youth Scholarships (18 - 30 Years)

Each year Dance Camp Aotearoa makes some scholarship funds available so the Dance Camp experience is affordable for young adults. Grants from DUPANZ and DUPIN generously contribute to this fund (our thanks go to them!).

If you are a young adult and wish to apply for scholarship please fill out the online Scholarship Application form on this website.  Anyone in this age range is eligible (no other criterion apply).

Note that the number of scholarships are limited and varies each year. Alternatively, check the kaiāwhina positions as a first option, as we need a number of Beloveds to help us out in those roles.

Adult Scholarships (30+ Years)

The generosity of the camp community during the Auction, Market Day, Cafe and personal donations all create another opportunity to support those for whom Camp would otherwise not be affordable. To apply please use the quick form on this website to outline the circumstances that make it difficult for you to cover the full cost of attending (a simple explanation of your financial difficulty).


  • You must be planning to stay for the full-week
  • Have not received a scholarship more than 3 times
  • Would otherwise not be able to attend (please share a little of this circumstance in your application).

Each application will be considered individually and confidentially. The number of scholarships is limited and varied, depending on the amount of funding received the previous year. (Please note: prior recipients of a scholarship may be unsuccessful for another scholarship award).

Application Deadlines

Early scholarship applications will be processed and decided by October 10th.

Applications received after that date will be considered if funds remain, in a second round by November 20th.

Unfortunately, we are unable to consider scholarship applications after November 20th. kaiāwhina positions may still be available, depending on demand, and you are encouraged to consider that opportunity.