Vision & Ethos

Ethos of “Dance Camp Aotearoa”

Written by Prem Provan, Jocelyn Kennedy & Sally Platt

  • Creating and living the vision of Murshid SAM, the creator of the Dances of Universal Peace, to ‘Eat, Dance and Pray’ together. Spirituality to be the underlying current pervading Camp. The Unity of spiritual and cultural traditions of the world. Honouring the indigenous peoples and land of Aotearoa , including Papatuanuku and Ranginui.
  • Creation of an all-inclusive intimate Heart community, One family, Unity, with the Dances of Universal Peace being the main vehicle and glue of Camp. Augmented by early morning Sufi practices, kirtan, yoga, singing, free dance and other like activities.
  • Children, Family and Young Adult focus – Dance Camp Aotearoa recognises that the children and youth are the future of DCA and the Dances of Universal Peace in Aotearoa
  • Technology free – an opportunity for everyone to take time out from all technology and be engaged in the Heart community which is co-created.
  • Each DCA is co-created by the dance leaders and participants present. Encouragement for as many people as possible to be involved or contributing, from taking on tasks to offering workshops to participating in the Camp concert.
  • Encouraging and supporting Camp participants including Youth and Young Adults to step into leadership positions
  • Part of the ethos of Camp is for everyone (where possible) to be part of the karma yoga offering, to be available for some work that helps build the Heart community and allows the community to flow and function with ease.
  • DCA is an international Dance Camp encouraging leaders and dancers from overseas to be part of it, leading to a diverse cultural interchange.  We have a beautiful sharing of cultures between Aotearoa and both Czech Republic and Germany, between NZ and Australia, between NZ and the States and other countries.
  • Importance of all participants, including the Children, Youth and Young Adults, to be and feel ‘safe’ and respected at Dance Camp. To that end a set of procedures have been developed to guide anyone feeling uncomfortable or in need of support.  Complaint and restorative processes are followed (details are provided in the Camp Participant Booklet, received upon arrival).