Food & Drinks

We provide 3 vegetarian meals per day. The meals are delicious and nutritious, however, in order to keep camp affordable, the food budget is limited. There will be a wheat and dairy free “mains” option at each meal  – please advise us if you require this option when registering. Other dietary requirements beyond this need to be self-catered. For example, if you require wheat-free bread or crackers for lunch or breakfast, please supply your own. If you are dairy-free, and require a milk alternative, please bring it with you.

We supply fresh herbs, black tea, instant coffee and cow’s milk for hot drinks. You are welcome to bring your own favourite tea bags, coffee & milk substitutes as well as your own snacks and extra fruit.  Each house has a kettle and a tea/coffee station is available 24/7 in the dinning area.

Parents: Please bring healthy snack contributions for the children’s programme. Keep in mind children have allergies and parents seek to limit sugar intake. We pool these to create morning tea for them to have during their morning programme.

Also, to spice up the menu a bit, we invite you to bring a specialty item to share, e.g. olives, feta or other fancy cheese, sundried tomatoes, almonds or walnuts, dried fruit, balsamic vinegar, yummy oil eg. Avocado, olive oil, seeds, tamari, tahini, pesto, any other delectable favourites . . . . Or, if you’d like to bake or buy a cake to contribute to the Blissmillah Café, that would help tremendously.